My 2 1/2 year old daughter records FAUX boxing promo with me.

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In attempt to record my boxing promos for Top Rank, Zion interrupts me, so we have a little fun with a Faux FLOYD MAYWEATHER VS. MANNY PACQUIAO #voiceover

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  • Another star is on the horizon!

  • The little girl is obviously a pro already. She's fantastic. Did you notice that the "guy" seems a bit overwhelmed in the presence of his daughter's natural gifts? I'd keep your day job, buddy. Oh, wait! This IS your day job. Guess you'll just have to get used to living in your daughter's shadow then. A star is born. I agree with David Van Sise Sr. Save this one forever. It's priceless.

  • My fave moments of brilliance (and there are so many packed in there)....


    Z: Tonite!

    z: Tonite-you.

    Z: You.

    z: You. Noyou!

    Z:  No you!

    z:  No. You.


    Z: Yeeeeah. 

    z: Yeeeeah. (dude....she totally NAILS your inflection and everything on this one!!)


    ( say that "this speaks for itself" would be the understatement of the century...) 

    What a blessing of a family ya got there, sir - these are wonderful.Keep up the good work, Daddy-Z!

  • That was AWESOME!!!   Man, that was good it brought back some great Memories that I had with my Daughter when she was little.  Save that forever Zurek!!   Great Job to both of you!!

  • Just darling, Zurek!  Thanks for sharing!

  • Lol, very nice man!

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