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I've had a few people wondering about on a pic floating around of me laughing really hard. Here's the answer. PF

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  • Missed a few of those myself. Or the size sticker on a new shirt.
  • Pat, you maniac of clothing oversight! Miss you!
  • Funny Stuff Pat, good thing it wasn't a black tie affair!
    I really hope to be there in October, any chance of another Halloween special event?
  • That was one of the funniest moments of Voice 2010....thanks for sharing and making me smile ;-)
  • Darn! I shoulda been there! Thanks for the laugh, Pat!
  • That was truly one of the funniest moments at Voice 2010 Pat. Your workshop with Brad should be a lot of fun.

  • That is so hilarious... Brad (one of my favorite actors) just pumps it up so well. Thanks for sharing, Pat.
  • Pat,

    That's priceless! I can't imagine leaving the house with only one cuff-link... Say, I actually have one of your earlier character VO training packages on cassette. (Yes, it's probably time to upgrade) Thanks for sharing!

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