WHAT MATTERS by Kevin Bacon

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Brand Anthem: What Matters to Buick Voiced by actor, Kevin Bacon. The latest step in General Motors’ attempt to define its upscale Buick brand hits the airwaves this weekend as the “Your kind of luxury” campaign. read more

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  • WAAAH WAAAH WAAAAH - KEVIN TOOK MY BACON!!!!! Please! Don't hate the player - blame the game! The same people criticizing Kevin Bacon are the same people who are glad he got ripped off by Bernie Madoff!

    Forgive me, but I had my "critique" hat on while listening to this . . .  and I just heard so many places where just an RCH more of this . . .  or an RCH less of that would have taken the VO  from "good" . . . to fantastic.  Too many missed opportunities imho.....


    As a voice over guy - - Kevin is a great movie actor . . . 


    On the other side of this agrument, I remember when Donnald SUTHERLAND and Martin Sheen first started to do car spots  -  and eventually, they became quite good.  But frankly, if Kevin wasn't Kevin - and had to audition like the rest of us, I know of at least 8 other talents who could have done a better job on that spot - - - and I'll bet you do to...


    How many Voice Over Talents are needed to screw in a light bulb?  6 - just one to replace the bulb  - but 5 others to stand around and say "I cudda done that. . . !"


    Just my 2 cents -

    Tito Gray  - voice guy - -  www.graysvoice.com

  • I loved it.  great read!
  • A fine read, but not especially distinctive. It surprises me that it got any ink at all.
  • I'm surprised at the number of unprofessional whiners in the comments. Kevin's performance was exactly what the customer wanted and created from his work in the booth. Besides the fact that he is extremely talented and experienced having been performing v/o for many years. They produced it, they directed the read, they edited the work choosing exactly which bits they wanted to use to convey the message that they wanted to get across. And they all did an excellent job as a team. Have you never done a v/o job where they used the take you knew wasn't your best? I sure have. Only one person gets each job. No one knows exactly what it's going to be that gets the job. Do you think Morgan Freeman is sitting at home crying because Kevin Bacon got this one? I don't think so. Because this ad could have just as easily been Morgan or one of the many other celebs voicing spots. The competition includes everyone. Nobody likes a sore loser.
  • Been working so hard.....da da da da...gotta cut loose footloose.
    If you take the 6 degrees of separation on this car...everything comes back to Kevin Bacon.
    Why did they pick him?
    Hey everyone's talking about it..now I'm mentioning Buick.
    He got it because he's Kevin Bacon...end of story.
  • nice spot Kevin was natural and laid back
  • Nice job.
  • While I like Kevin Bacon, I  would not even have known it was his voice on the ad, if I had not been informed it was him.  And, while the visuals are nice and smooth, what really jumps out at me are the words of the ad and their delivery.

    This ad is extremely clever.  First off, this ad is not selling a car so much as it is selling common sense - what you should want out of life - and attaching that idea to a car company.  How clever is that?  What the ad is saying to me is that if I happen to drive a Buick, I am not just driving a car.  Oh no, I am making a public statement to my surroundings.  I am demonstrating that I am a person who exercises common sense.  Just by driving a Buick I publicly demonstrate my intelligence. Wow!

    Years ago I ordered a Saturn from Spring Hill, TN because I was so impressed with how this All-American Car Company operated - picnic caravans with Saturn owners, cook-outs at the local dealership, etc.  But now, the Saturn plant in Spring Hill is gone and Saturn is manufactured in France.  Perhaps it's time to look at what really matters - a car company that really is willing to cater to my need to excercise common sense.  Perhaps it's time I took a closer look at Buick and forgot about getting a Porshe.  I wonder if Kevin Bacon drives a Buick?


  • you're right on Frank. he's a great actor, but that read would never book the gig if he wasn't six degrees.
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