What does your company sound like? from Serious Vanity Music

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Is that an odd question to you? It shouldnt be. Think real hard for a minute. What does McDonalds sound like? What about Nextel or Verizon? Yep, you know what Im talking about now, dont you?You see, there are some very famous brands out there that have made use of audio to bring further recognition to their product or service. This isnt something that only the biggest of companies can do. Are you doing what you can to brand your company?How can audio branding help you? Well, its one way to tie all of your companies online collateral together. Even the smallest of companies can use Social Media and Viral Marketing to their benefit and by finding ways to tie it all together, your strengthening the impact.From the sound logo as your website loads, to the soundbed or background music of your online videos, to the on hold and voicemail messaging on your phone system, you have many ways to create your brand recognition.Dont just be recognizable by sight, show people what you sound like as well.For more information on how we can help you create your brand identity with audio, visit us at http://www.seriousvanity.com/seriousvanitymusic.

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