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Joe Cipriano, Zurek and George Whittam answer questions about voiceover. Part ll

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  • Thank you guys. Good video.
  • Guys,

    Awesome job! I look forward to the next session.

    Quick Observation: The attendance of the session was a nice size, and man the questions were flying by. In fact when you three would converse among yourself's, you would pull your heads from the screen, thus not seeing all the questions fly by, along with the personal chatter that was going across the chat unnecessarily so....

    Quick Suggestion: Maybe have a person dedicated to capturing the questions and presenting them to you for choice of the next question to answer. As not to loose the personal interaction of you's guys conversing on the couch, that is killer...Thus allowing you to answer more questions...

    I'd be happy to volunteer services if it can be done from the Bay Area. Maybe setup a IM window to feed the list of questions...

    Bryan Stewart
  • Very well done....hope you guys do again. thanks! BRIAN
  • Thanks for posting this video. I love how it was unrehearsed and you were just figuring out the technology as you went. Very real and interesting!
  • We had a lightening storm while you were chatting and lost power, so thanks for posting this - I've downloaded to watch in installments.

    Great job... thanks
  • It was fun to do! We didn't get to rehearse or do a tech run through before hand, so you are seeing us figure out some of the idiosyncrasies of Stickam in real time! It's really amazing technology.
  • Great job guys.....very informative and helpful. Thanks!
  • Not only was this great voiceover motivation, it was a fabulous motivator for me to learn more "tech-i-ness"!
    Thanks guys!
  • An incredibly generous show you guys put on last night. All that good karma will come back to you many times over. Thank you!
  • Perhaps we'll meet in a studio someday too. Congratulations guys!
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