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Voice Actors share their thoughts about 'A-list TV Actors' in the Voiceover business. Is it good for the professional voiceover talent? Thanks to Derek Chappell to sharing this in our Voiceover Universe FaceBook Group

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  • Thank you so much for posting this video about Voicing Fame. YES YES YES! This is a long time issue that has frustrated me for years. This needs to be addressed. I have lost many jobs to celebrities. Sometimes I am happy to hear the voice of who I auditioned for and many times.... well. Funny because I too have had the blessing to come in behind the actor to do the impact oooh ahhh uumphhh screams ets. I guess better some work than no work! Thanks for this video.
  • Which begs the question:  Are there celebrities who got their start "just doing commercials," then became famous enough to be asked to voice animated films?
  • This was great!  Really cool to hear how celebs doing VO work impacts us in a POSITIVE way!
  • I'm curious who MJ Lallo would cast as the voice of the beagle in Cats & Dogs.

  • Tremendous film!  So it's a two-way thing - we need each other, and though there's much artistic common ground we each have distinctive talents.
  • One of the best features I've seen in a long time.  A lot of thought provoking comments and I'm no longer jealous of the millionaire actor taking money out of my pocket.  I especially liked seeing, and hearing, all of the voice actors sharing their talents with us at the end of the feature.  Thanks from all of us.
  • Good Stuff!


    I particularly enjoyed the sound bites at the end!

    Very Cool to See their voices!

  • This was really well done!!  Enjoyed hearing their comments about celebs and where it creates room to work!!


    There's hope for us all!

  • I applaud my associates for airing this.  Sure, "star power" has it's uses; but a TV/Movie celeb's ability to create voice characters isn't generally their particular genius or trade. While they might change their appearance, attitude or intensity for a visual performance; a TV/Movie actor's ability to change voices in a truly unique and unrecognizable way is very rare. Transversely, many voice actors can't perform well on camera. Similar comparisons are taking a hot, primarily straight actor and placing him in a comedy role...but what if the poor fool isn't can't deliver comedy?  Or Announcer voice overs who want to do characters.  There's a long list.

    Mine aren't just words...since I was very young, I worked hard to imitate celebs as well as create originial characters and announcer styles. I figured it might be good job security...and it has been...very much so!   Because of that, I've been on The Simpsons as Homer, provided ADR for celebs, Presidents, etc; and in many other productions as completely obscure characters or announcer styles.  

    These are all very different professions that can sometimes work coharently depending on the talent's abilities. But it shouldn't be expected that one can also perfom the other's trade. That being said, the director may certianly pick who he/she feels is best for each part.  We can only hope to get the role.

    Thanks for posting this!  

    - Mike

  • This just in... with the success of Natalie Portman in the Black Swan, Ed Asner and Lisa Minelli have been cast in this year's ABT Nutcracker Ballet. All of NY is UP for it.

    Meanwhile major film studios, being hurt by failing box office are casting professional voice actors in feature film roles to save money. MJ Lallo and Kevin Delany have just replaced Meryl Streep and Kevin Costner in the soon to be released romantic comedy, "Romancing While Stoned", which will released straight to Netflix to save distribution costs as well. Each scene is shot in film noir so we don't have to actually see the actors' faces. They will just use the power of their voices (honed from years of ADR) to create the vibrant aural images that are sure to capture the Twitter on the Red Carpet next year.

    In response, SAG has added the synchronized swimming and steeplechase categories for displaced screen actors needing new venues for work.

    Slides at 11...
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