Vocal Warmups With Rodney Saulsberry!

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Voiceover celebrity and author Rodney Saulsberry demonstrates some of his vocal tongue twisters from his best selling book, You Can Bank on Your Voice.

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  • Hello Dolly,

    Enjoy the book!

    Take care,

    Rodney Saulsberry
  • The timing of this is perfect.  I just started reading your book last night.  Thank you for sharing!
  • Thank you so much Reuven. I appreciate your support.
  • Good stuff, Rodney!

    And, for those with young children (or grandchildren) you can get two birds for the selfsame stone by reading them Dr. Seuss's, "Oh Say, Can You Say?". Tongue twisters on steroids! I don't recommend it as a bedtime story, though. They'll be laughing too hard to sleep!

    Many thanks, my friend,  for your continuing education series; long may it (and you) wave!

  • Thanks for sharing!
  • Thank you Efia. I really appreciate your kind words. Please stay in touch.
  • Andy,

    Thank you. I'm so glad to know that you them. The answer to your question is simple. Practice, practice and more practice. That is truly the way I do it. Check out my fast tags video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=umXojMruUSg&feature=youtube_gdat...

    Please stay in touch.
  • Rodney, just out of curiosity (and to help me improve), how are you able to go so fast while maintaining proper pronunciation? I can often read it as fast or faster, but it's useless because I can't keep up with the pronunciation! How do you do it??
  • Thank you so much Nancy, I'm so glad to know that you like them. Here is a link to my "Fast Tags" video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=umXojMruUSg&feature=youtube_gdat...
  • LOVE tongue twisters. tweezer dexterity is a specialty also!
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