VO Talk w/ Kryton Live Episode 3

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Michael connects with veteran voice artists, colleagues and friends, Keith James and Gord Marriott, along with Zurek, founder of VoiceOverUinverse.com to talk Voiceover.

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  • Good stuff man!  Thanks so much for sharing.  :)
  • It was a privilege to talk to Zurek and share the time with 2 of my veteran buddies, Keith and Gord.  Zurek will be receiving a prize for winning the movie-trailer read-off.  We're working on it right now at fusedlogic.  The video will be available forever at fusedlogic.tv.  And my thanks to Zurek for posting it here.  Thank you all for your comments --- or should I say --- for lending your voices to the feedback.
  • Looks great, but I'm out the door in a few minutes! How long will this video be available??
  • Great share of your background, Zurek. Thanks for hosting this site for us all. Thanks Rick Party for proudly saying that your roots are radio, the "entertainment business" where most of us cut our teeth."Imagine talking like this every day" LOL. Long live radio!. Gord is right on the money about distinctive voices. Great piece and lots of fun.



  • Zurek,

    That was fun!  Very interesting to find out about the history of your name too.  Thanks again for creating such a cool site for voiceover.  Oh, and did they ever send you the prize?


  • It's true, they DO sell ONLY air time not quality of production.  When I owned my own store for a while, I controlled the quality of what went on the air.  I cut almost all of my own ads and so they were much better than most.
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