Trailer Narrators Hip Hop Nightmare

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Several of us on VU, including Scott Rummell, and Ben Patrick Johnson and myself, are represented by Paul Wintner Artist Managment, home of the top trailer narrators in America.....this is a video that was shown at the huge party Wintner throws for the film marketing industry each year. It was inspired by the scene over credits in Tropic Thunder where Tom Cruise busts a white-guy-who-thinks-he's-all-that move to some Ludacris rhymes. It's not pretty! - Beau Weaver

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  • That just wrong! Give us more!
  • Ooo....
  • OK, two things. Ben ruined my Jennifer Beals Flashdance fantasy, and I will NEVER buy a used mic from Bill Ratner! Awsome, totally awesome!
  • Haaaaa! Hilarious

    Get some clothes on Ben :)
  • BW: still laughing as i try to write this comment while watching video..ok...composure we go..each and every one of you is 'all that'. ~:)
  • That's for real funny!
  • best laff I've had in weeks, thank you BW. so much for thinking all this is serious work :)
  • Shoooot one day I'll be "bangin" wit chu "hard MCs" ha ha...that vid is mad cool - Hazeface
  • Beau...this is HILARIOUS!!! Love it.
  • Cogan buy that grill with some of that JackFM $$$$$..? a REAL LOL out of me here in STARBUCKS thank you very much!!!....a couple of little girls looked at me with fear in their eyes...over here in the corner with my laptop and headphones>>> And never under estimate the moves an Oklahoma boy can whoop out on ya...Beau> You're representin the 4 state area like a PRO!!! YO!!
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