Trailer Narrators Hip Hop Nightmare

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Several of us on VU, including Scott Rummell, and Ben Patrick Johnson and myself, are represented by Paul Wintner Artist Managment, home of the top trailer narrators in America.....this is a video that was shown at the huge party Wintner throws for the film marketing industry each year. It was inspired by the scene over credits in Tropic Thunder where Tom Cruise busts a white-guy-who-thinks-he's-all-that move to some Ludacris rhymes. It's not pretty! - Beau Weaver

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  • Wrong.... just wrong!!
  • "want's me to do what..not in a million years lol
  • Everyone's true colors eventually come out! LOL Good job guys - You Rock - or would that be Rap, No - it's Fat - I mean Phat, I give up.
  • Very cool! and the last guy Ashton spoke to me hehe! "He wants me to do what? Not in a million years!"
    As well as Jeff's statement!

  • dAS GOTS mE LafFIn!
  • Nice!! Yeet,yeet muthaf*&^a, you don't know me like dat! Well done peeps!
  • Haha. Wow I was not expecting it to be like that! I could not stop laughing. Ashton's line at the end is perfect.

    And I also can agree with Mandy in saying that the image of Ratner patting the mic on his ass is now burned into my memory.
  • Whoa... y'all put the What, What in the What What?
  • that was OFF THE METER!!!! It had me ROTF & LMAO...OMG...and did Luda get to see that??? LOL...

    Ladie Mo$t...

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