Trailer Narrators Hip Hop Nightmare

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Several of us on VU, including Scott Rummell, and Ben Patrick Johnson and myself, are represented by Paul Wintner Artist Managment, home of the top trailer narrators in America.....this is a video that was shown at the huge party Wintner throws for the film marketing industry each year. It was inspired by the scene over credits in Tropic Thunder where Tom Cruise busts a white-guy-who-thinks-he's-all-that move to some Ludacris rhymes. It's not pretty! - Beau Weaver

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  • LMAO -- I love lil Obama girl Wintner's toilet hairdryer dance tho terrified me
  • Oh man, what a fun party!!!!!!!! I still wanna be a rap artist when I grow up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fo real!

    Great job on the production...everyone. me:)
  • Oh, oh, ooooo. I'm not about to admit I pissed my pants because that wouldn't be right but oh. Ohhhhh.

    I've had to watch it several times in order to clean up. Um, I mean, get it all. Damn. Where do you start with something like this? Beau's part had me all a-giggle since seeing his other vid here. Who knew he could shake it like that. And Corley. Homeless? Perhaps he should get into VO? And Jeff. Oh, my dear, dear, Jeff. Stand by the grill and turn down your cans. And put on the shades b/c they are sexy.

    Ratner. I don't know if I'll ever get that out of my head. Any time you put a mic near your butt for the woot woot is certain microphone abuse. There are laws about that.

    After reviewing Ben Patrick's part in this about two (million) times, I'm glad to report he's cleared of any wrong doing. For now. I may have to check that footage out again at a later date. that a Canadian single speed? The bike, not the loo.

    Josh, I got nothin' now b/c I shouldn't even go there...

    And that little McCott cutie. AWWWWW.

    Jeff Collins, that was some good movin'...for the 80s. You so retro boy.

    This thing is insane. Makes me want to beg Paul W. to be my BFF and make Jason share that hair cap (and whatever was in the bottle).

    Those of you at the party who got to see this and take it in are many steps ahead of the rest of us pedestrians. But, speaking on behalf of at least me and maybe Ladie Most, I'm grateful to get a chance to see it. The production value is top notch and the talent. Well, I'll stop here. Thanks for the hilarious insight.
  • Kudos to Scott Rummell's son Tyler for the top notch editing job on this! - Beau
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