TRAILER: "Iron Grip Warlord - Scorched Earth" (Multiple Video Game Characters)

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Scott Gentle provided all the character voices heard in this trailer for the "Scorched Earth" update for the Iron Grip Warlord game series by ISOTX.Quick jumps:00:20 - "Prove yourself! DESTROY your enemies!"00:40 - "(evil laugh) Send them running!"01:14 - "I found them! Sending coordinates for airstrike!"01:22 - "augh!"01:25 - "Enough talk! Time to see who's best!"01:35 - "What are you waiting for? It's KILLING TIME!!"01:56 - "Time to see who's a TRUE warlord!"Scott voiced a total of 4 characters in this game:1) The Main Game Voice (the sinister one heard throughout this trailer)2) The Spy Unit (the third voice)3) The Engineer4) The Radio Voice

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