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  • Gordon

    thank you so much for the kind words.  It's wonderful to hear such great feedback on one's work.  I truly appreciate it!


  • I once coached a current colleague in the VO industry to animate more. At the time I was the program director of a radio station and she was working for me, man years ago. The ability to discover your range and use it -- as you do in this wonderful spot for TRU, Sylvia. You have captured the essence of TRU, and given it a voice that suits it. You haven't just provided VO for a client, Sylvia, you've animated a character and brought that character to life. Well done!
  • Awesome voice!!!  I always wondered who voiced these spots. 

  • Thank you so much for the nice words everyone! 

    I've been doing TOYSRUS Spanish for the last couple years and this year I was asked to be their official voice in English.  VERY different from my "signature" read and very fun to do.  I can stay 18 forever!  ;-)


  • Hola Sylvia,


    Great work, very well done!

  • Lego my toy or I will blast you with my Star Wars door buster. You're a big deal.
  • Right on Sylvia! I agree with Randy... where's my plastic???
  • Sylvia you are a superstar! Makes me want to go buy a toy!

  • awesome! i've seen these spots! excellent work, Sylvia! doesn't hurt that TRU is one of my favorite places! ;)
  • Excellent voice...good!

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