Top Tip 27 - TV News promos

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How to .......................................... do something or other of no real value to the world. It's a voiceoverist thing! This is real genius!

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  • Brilliant!

  • this is one of the funniest things i've seen in a while.  if any one video ripped the lid off of what voice over work really is...this was can be in an expletive filled, non stop laugh, converstation one minute...turn towards the mic and read a children's story a second later...and the world will never know...

    ps...if i was your daughter i would have grabbed the keys and gone to the mall!

  • great point; great illustration.
  • I love you Nancy Wolfson ...Just thought I'd share that with you and this intimate gathering of 10,000 people who are genetically programmed to blab xxx
  • Sillypants, my whole schpiel about getting people holding the copy higher is so that they have the copy in a place where they CAN see it which ideally would be higher than where the copy stand puts it but certainly not as high as where the sun does not set.  (there, you will hold the copy lower than you've just mocked, you're grounded for a month, AM I CLEAR.)  :-P  xx
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