The Raven read by James Earl Jones

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This is the amazing poem by Edgar Allen Poe, a perfect Halloween classic. This version is read by the amazing James Earl Jones.

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  • Great! The story from Scott commented below is a super story of the GREAT Mr Jones.
  • From Wiki:  "

    He moved to his maternal grandparents' farm in Jackson, Michigan at the age of five, but the adoption was traumatic and he developed a stutter so severe he refused to speak aloud. When he moved to Brethren, Michigan in later years a teacher at the Brethren schools started to help him with his stutter. He remained functionally mute for eight years until he reached high school. He credits his high school teacher, Donald Crouch, who discovered he had a gift for writing poetry, with helping him out of his silence.[2] The teacher believed forced public speaking would help him gain confidence and insisted he recite a poem in class each day. "I was a stutterer. I couldn't talk. So my first year of school was my first mute year, and then those mute years continued until I got to high school."[6]"

  • WOW!

  • Wonderful take.  Heard it many times before, but it always stikes me.  Yes, he did have to overcome a speech impediment early in his life.  I believe, as the story goes, that someone introduced him to public speaking, and when he could "concentrate" on the words, the stuttering went away.  Early in his career, he would still stutter during regular conversation, but when on-script, flawless!
    We have a copy of "The Bible, As Read by James Earl Jones."  I have always thought of Morgan Freeman as "The Voice of God" (maybe because he has been cast in that role a few times), but JJ does a fantastic read!

    I am a bit skeptical.  What is the source of this? 

    Somewhat odd reading, rhythm, inflections, and production.

  • Thanks so much for posting these. We might not otherwise ever be exposed to them or have a chance to enjoy them. Well done you on that note.
  • He's the MAN!  Great stuff.
  • Ah!  The only poem I know by heart!  It's a great party trick :)  LOVE James Earl Jones!!
  • Impeccible! Morgan Freeman is a tremendous VO Artist, but his pipes pale in comparison to the one and only James Earl Jones. James IS the standard, and also my idol!
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