The man behind the voice of News 8

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(CBS 8) - For nearly a decade, five days a week, one of our employees has done his daily duties hundreds of miles away without ever setting foot in the CBS 8 studios here in San Diego. In this News 8 video story, Phil Blauer travels to Los Angeles County to track down the mystery man who sounds all too familiar.

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  • absolutely beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

  • Great piece ...Bill Ratner, you are my hero!

  • That's also one of the great mic mounts.

  • Bill is a true professional. Loved seeing him do his thing!

  • Great Voice ! Heard Bill for years, even before I lived in San Diego and was the voice of KPRI.  He has that one special thing that most of us do not....  He lives in L.A. - He has an Agency and Agent that help deliver those great gigs. Still it is a great story!!

  • Loved it ... Great to see Bill in action .

  • Fun to watch!

  • That was great!  :)

  • Bill is awesome!  I love it! 

  • Fun story. I was the voice of Channel 8 News from 1978 to 1989 or so. And I was actually in the station until 1985 as a staff announcer doing lots more than just the news opens. I stayed the voice for a few years until they retired the spinning 8. Remember "Michael Tuck, Allison Ross, Ted Lightner on Sports. This is News 8." Or something like that...along with such titillating tags as "Now playing at a theater near you. Check your local listings for theaters and times." 

    All before the Internet and home studios...

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