The Braintracks Stance (Part 2 of 3)

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Nancy Wolfson of gives a free voiceover audition/performance trick: Hands outta your pockets, folks.It helps to get physically loose so you can become mentally free.(Caution: do not try this wearing heels.)

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  • Very valuable from Nancy -- you must be grounded in head AND in body. Thanks for another great tip-- and--regarding heels - IF you're going to take them off for a session or audition, make sure you remove them BEFORE the engineer sets your mic height.
  • Once again, thanks Nancy. Every little bit helps.
  • Is this from VOICE 2010? I seem to remember that fellow.
  • Brent - Glad you want more!
    These are just fun mini clips I'm sharing for free out of a larger video being released soon.
    Till then, bend your knees & get hands out of pockets - get your body free to gesticulate.
    A big difference can be achieved with even 2 bits of good advice!
    Go get 'em.
  • That's all?
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