The Braintracks Stance (part 1 of 3)

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Nancy Wolfson of shares a free voiceover audition/performance/booking tip:
How to stand at the mic for maximum acting engagement & op...

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  • Nancy great tip idea. Can't wait for number 2.
  • Thanks for the great tips, as always, Nancy. Bob makes a great straight man for you too!
  • Great tip.
    Thank you
  • Great demo! I never let the talent hold the copy so I don't hear it, and try to set the copy stand pretty high. I set the microphone just above the mouth in the position their head will be while reading. Here'es another tip - always ask the talent (especially women) if they are performing with shoes on or off before setting the heights. More than once I was all set and the talent removed her shoes and I had to reset!
  • Nancy, my mike is set above my nose, where lots of folk reckon is best for pickup, so where do I find a music stand seven feet tall? Come and hold my script for me? Howard
  • Looks great... but only for short reads... eh?
  • Coming this summer...
    Bob Souer is...
    "The Ladykiller!"
  • Nancy Wolfson is hot
  • Thanks Nancy, great tip!
  • Nancy rules.
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