The Audition

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A down and out actor gets the audition of a lifetime, where every word counts. shared via Bob Souer's Boblog

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  • Patience does pay off! Hang in there.
  • Loved it -- thanks for everyone who put this together. It was really Yaaa!
  • That was brilliant. Just brilliant. just shows producers book people they want to work with. Big ego's won't book the job. Humility and gratitude wins the day.
  • Darla...I like your story....
  • APPLAUSE !!!!!!
  • This was a great lesson! Thanks for putting together such a high quality video. When it comes right down to it, we get gigs because of who we are...and what we bring to the project, right?
  • Hey Xe Sands, sometimes real life DOES work out that way. I had a similar experience when I was in high school. Tried out for an elite choir. The choir required that even if you were already in the choir, you had to reaudition each year. One of the "old" choir members who was re-auditioning gave me a hard time even though I am (was) a fairly good singer. Just happened that the choir master was listening. I got into the choir, but she did not because the choir master didn't like her attitude.
  • That was it when the good guy wins in the end. Think real life might work that way?
  • Brilliant! .... Loved all the impressions ...

    We don't have auditions for Voiceovers in Ireland ...yet!
  • I, too, got a bit teary at the end....really hit home...loved it! Thanks for sharing this wonderful will resonate with me for quite some time! :)
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