Tahir Voicing for Sesame Street Animation, "Zoo in Me"

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Tahir - 6 years old, doing a voiceover for a Sesame Street Animation, "Zoo in Me"...YES, HE WAS BOOKED FOR THE GIG AND THEY REALLY LOVED HIM!!! THAT'S MY VOICEOVER BABY!!! Denise Nelson Check out the blog at: http://meetthebloggerz.blogspot.com/Samson C03U-USB Microphone was used for this recording.

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  • Beautiful Al...thanks & glad it motivated your little one! Tell him Tahir said..."Read on!"
  • Hey Ladie, Alonzo LOVED it! He's buggin the mess out of me to find him some kid friendly scripts LOL. Thanks to you and Tahir for the inspiration.
  • Thanks so much, Nicole!
  • Beautiful job Tahir and Mommy of Tahir. Yay!!!
  • How is it done when a child can't read? Are the lines fed to him by someone as in ..."say it like this" and then they mimic?
  • It is nice to train a child in the way he should go, like mother, like son. I volunteer for WTTW11 television in Chicago, Illinois in September, December and March. I have been doing it for about a year. Congratulations on your son's voiceover work!!
  • Cool...I love that he looks so happy performing the job!!.. and Cute
  • Awesome!!
  • This is so cool!!! He looks so happy.
  • Great job, Tahir! You must be so proud of him:)
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