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  • Great Video! I use Skype as a phone patch for those clients who want to direct me but I just put my laptop on floor in booth for audio no video since I'm usually in my pj's and they don't need to know or see that..haha!
  • Cheers mate. Yes I've used Skype before but without the camera - 2 reasons: chewed up power resource, & it was a bad-hair day.

    Here's to modern technology - wonderful stuff.

  • Keith, that was an extremely helpful video for me as a newbie to the field of voice-overs. I'll definitely be looking into running Skype on a second computer for external communications. I wondered if you could answer another quick question. I've been struggling with mic placement (a TLM49). Because your video showed you from two angles during your read, I could see (I think) that you're talking past the mic, and not at it, from about six inches away, and that your lips are about even with the mic capsule. And, no pop screen. Could you take a moment to elaborate on your position relative to the mic? Many thanks again for the video!
  • I appreciate that, Gayle. Thanks
  • Thank you Keith so much. Like Harriet, I have Skype but haven't used it for a session....yet. Great to see a real professional at work!
  • Thank you very much, Harriet!

  • Keith, that was very informative. I have Skype, but until your video I'd not seen a session done on it. Thanks for sharing. I wish you continued success.
  • Chris, I figured somebody in Atlanta might see this (possibly the client) so this sample session was edited for brevity and anonymity. There was a lot more kibitzing and socializing and I think we ended up doing six takes overall before settling on one and even that had another line the client liked from a previous take imported. 

  • Thank for the comments, Bubba. Yes, as I mentioned in an earlier reply, there are times when the the .2 seconds would be adjusted digitally and would be inperceptable to the average ear. In this case even the disclaimer, though quick, is not.
  • Thanks Keith.  Until today, I did not know that my computers could run dual monitors with what Microsoft calls an "Extended Desktop" or separate images.   Thanks for pointing me in this new direction.   Of course now I need to run out and get another monitor, more cables, etc. but all to the good. . .   Thanks again.  RE
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