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  • Thanks for the useful peek behind the curtain!  Cavernous Bathroom - sounds like something the Marquis de Sade might've had..
  • This great video shows what a help Skype can be in those expert hands.  As someone much newer to the scene than Keith,  I can say that once you disinhibit about how you may look, the face contact adds energy and engagement.  But I wouldn't want one-way video.

    I was lucky in my first-ever session, as the producer smiled and said nice things throughout - but hinted I could buy an alternative mike to save his engineer extra work.   I did so, next day!

    My setup is much simpler than Keith's  (getting there, getting there!) but I do use a separate basic laptop to run Skype so nothing extraneous reaches track.  Of course, the laptop gets a proper voice feed
  • Man that was awesome! Thanks for the insight.
  • Ah!   Very good insight for me!  Thanks Keith!
  • Dave Sr.,

    Yes, I re-read the spot instead of adjusting the length digitally.  In some cases, when working without client 'presense', I might alter it digitally if the read was a keeper. As much as I appreciate all the clients I have that embrace new technological capabilities, I think most still prefer the 'organic' approach to timing ( I don't want to push them too far).

  • Thanks, Lesley!
  • Yeah, Eric. I don't think it would be advisable to Skype on the same computer as you are recording on. If you are doing 'remote' sessions you'll need to invest in some type of technology (phone patch, ISDN, etc) anyway. I like Skype for the 'next best thing to being there' quality... as long as your production skills are up to snuff and it's not a distraction from your performance.

    And, yes, I'm sure I could have found enough expendable frames to make up a few 10th of a second :)

  • This is great Keith!   I have a skype account and have yet to use it in a VO circumstance yet, but I am getting prepared.  Great info about how you divide up your computer usage.  I am in a bare essentials state, but as things are progressing, I want to make my "Studio" into a well oiled Machine!   I love your set up as well.  If I may ask a question, did you re-do that spot you were recording, or did you just alter the tempo of the read slightly in your pro-tools program?   This was great!  Thanks! - David of "DVS Voice Overs"
  • Thanks for the comment, Bobby. After initially seeing the audition copy, I saw it as a take off on the 'GEICO Question Guy' and modled my read after that. The copy was a little too tight to really play it up. The client was ultimately happy with my interpretaion of thier scripts.

    Always 'paperless' when working out of my home studio and the screen height forces me to sit up straight... most of the time.


  • Nice video - thank you for sharing!

    Great read by the way! ;-)

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