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  • Great post Keith.  Thanks for the inside view.  I live in Atlanta so I'll let you know when I hear it around town!
  • Enjoyed this very much. Thanks for letting us into your session. It's nice to see the human being behind the voice we hear on the commercials. Especially one so recognizable. Also just curious. When you get a read that only .2 off from the target, would they ever just adjust tempo to fit? Can we even hear that much of an adjustment. Like when we speed up the tag to fit in legal disclaimers.
  • You are welcome, Tony... 'Neptune'. Great name. Almost as good as 'Zurek'!
  • Rob,

    On one computer (with dual monitors) I had my document progarm open and relegated to one screen and I also had Skype running on the same computer, but situated on the second monitor. So, no magic there if one of your computers can deliver dual monitor output. The second computer was used soley for audio recording and editing.


    The computer running both Skype and word processing could handle audio recording as well, but that is just asking for trouble... the last thing you want with a client 'in the room' is technical glitches.


    I should note that unlike many of my contemporaries, I do not use a mixing console. I use seperate A/D converters, sound cards and amps for each computer with a patch bay. I do all mixing with the software interface, so that can get a little crowded even with two video monitors.

    It's also important to note that the computers are in a seperate room with cable extentions to avoid CPU and fan noise while recording.

  • Thanks for sharing with us Keith.  As a vo actor just starting out, I really enjoy seeing a pro in action.

  • Thanks for letting us look over your shoulder.  Much more understandable when you can see it happening. Though  if I understood your workspace description, you get one computer to show you two different images/screen pictures on two different screens.  Where do I find out how to do that?   I can get two screens showing me the same thing, but what you have would be very useful.   And, were you running a third computer to capture your recording of the event?  I do have a second computer where the master audio goes and that has a separate monitor.RE
  • Hi Frank, I'll respond here for the benefit of anyone else that might be interested, if you don't mind..


    For 'voice only'  recording and production I use the equivalent of Adobe Audition, which many of you know was formerly Cool Edit Pro. It is a very powerful, full featured program with multitrack capabilities yet you can keep it as simple as you want. It starts in an instant and is not the CPU hog that Pro tools is.


    Having said that, I use ProTools, for more intricate multitrack productions and sound design.


    The camera is a Logitec C910.

  • You are welcome, Bill.

    BTW, I am more than happy to entertain any questions that anyone might have... KJ

  • Thanks, Nicole!
  • Good goin', Howard!

    I should mention that on one of my first Skype sessions the client commented on the quality of the picture. I interpreted it as what Mission Control might have seen when communicating with Apollo in 1968...  went out and bought a hi-def web cam the next day. It is capable of 1080p, but Skype can only handle 720 (this video is 640).

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