Sh*t Producers say to Voice Actors

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My take on the series

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  • lol! Love it!

  • I'm givin' her all she's got Captain!  We really need to sttrretchhh that canvas!

  • Could you give me a bit more LA, like Huell Howser?

  • Applause!!

  • LOL!!!!  Joey,

    It's like you've been eavesdropping.  :)

  • Ove the past 30 years I have heard EVERY one of these comments directed my way.  Geez you nalied it.  My favorite is, "You got it, just perfect; Now can we try it with a little more smile".

  • ...... omg, I am still laughing ...  loved it, relate to it, thanks for making me chuckle today

  • Yup, been there, put up with that. 

  • I am a beginning in this voice over world (still being coached for my demo) but THIS is HILARIOUS!!!! LOVE THE WIG!!! After years of singing, I can relate this to the many choir and group directors I've worked with.

  • Hilariously accurate!

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