Scott Rummell is the Yorba Linda voice guy.

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"Scott is one of the most versatile in the business." READ FULL STORY HERE

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  • Inspiring!
  • Besides being an obviously talented voice over actor with great devotion to his craft, what's more amazing is his depth of character, integrity and core values.
  • Interesting to me as a newbie to hear the vast difference between the interviewer's voice & Scott's. Viva le difference!!
  • wow. 10 to 15 in one day... not quite there yet. i get 10 to 15 in about one month. :)
  • Great warm ups. When anyone looks at your head phone hair strangely just tell them "It a fashion statement".
  • "bedheadphonehair" is the new look! It's a combination of "bed-head" and "headphone-hair"... Are you in??
  • Loved your warm-up. Thanks for the peak into your studio, Scott. Best wishes for continued success!
  • I like to say "I'm into leather, I'm into leather". KIDDING!!!
  • Rock it, Scott! Thank you for sharing. We wear our headphones the same way, and get that same matted "do" by day's end. lol
    Congrats and continued success!
    Best, Bobbin
  • "Red Leather, Yellow Leather" i'm gonna be using that one!

    Thanks for sharing =)
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