Rob Paulsen - Voices of Legend

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On this episode of Microphone Monday, I was honored to have dinner with and interview the timeless and extremely talented Rob Paulsen. Rob has been doing voices for almost 3 decades - from Snow Job on the original GI JOE to The Mask: The Animated Series to Pinky from Pinky & The Brain and now Donatello on the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

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  • So great to watch this!!  Don't know if Rob remembers me, but we worked together when he first came to LA. with a touring repertory theatre group.  Just seeing him brought back such memories.  Peter Iversen (my husband, who he would know much better!) says hello, Rob do I!

  • I realy enjoyed both sides of this interview.

  • Haha, yeah the restaurant had very low light and it was the only way i could frame it up where you could actually see Rob who was sort of the central highlight of the video anyways... i mean, who wants to se me??? :D

  • Great interview Jon.  Funny though, the way the video is framed, if you mute the volume it looks like he's got you up against a wall shaking you down for some money you owe him. lol.

  • Wow, Rob Paulsen!

    Yakko's best line? "The hotel of your mind has many vacancies!" ;)

    Loved Slingshot from Transformers, too!   ...and Dr Scratchnsniff.  ...and Pinky.  ...and Raphael.  ...and... :)

  • I had the pleasure of meeting Rob in ATL last summer. What a great guy, tremendous talent, and nice guy. Thanks for the interview Jon!!

    Robert / ATL


  • Jon, neat to sit in with you and Rob!

    Thanks for sharing.

    Jerry / Atlanta

  • Very god....talent.

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