Rift: Official Raid Trailer

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I am Alsbeth..Queen of the endless court as well as other charactersSee morehttp://www.voiceoveruniverse.com/video/video/listForContributor?screenName=5e1bg881jkp1

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  • Outstanding Lani.  Rift has turned into quite a blessing, has it not?  I'd love to take you out for lunch and pick your brain if you ever decide to come up here and do a session in person.  Great work, as always.
  • Thanks so much everyone for the positive feedback.   I guess all the tough roles help vent whatever stresses I incur.  Cheaper than a shrink and a lot more fun.  :)   I am in good company here with all you great talents as well!
  • Well done, of course. You are the best.
  • I bow to you my Queen... You are truly Queen of The Endless Court.  Lani, that was incredible!
  • Wow. I'm a fan of Rift. Amazing work. Voice Over Universe has the best of the best as members. I'm honored. :-)
  • Nice one, Lani - Kudos!
  • I love it!  I'd love to battle my evil queen with hers, or perhaps be the female warrior who challenges her power. Great job Lani.
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