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First I voiced the Red Rover game/toy. Then, a year later, I got to do the voiceover and singing for the commercial. Merry Christmas!

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  • How fun was that?!


    Great job Katie.

  • Congratulations Katie. Great job on the voice and singing. Merry Christmas and best of luck in all you do.

  • This makes me smile every time it runs through my head!!!

    Thanks for posting this so we could all enjoy it, Katie.  Beautiful work.



  • Katie Leigh,

    You're the best Christmas present an old Cowboy could ever ask for. God Bless Ya Kiddo & God Bless America

  • Super job Katie!  Thanks for sharing those with us.

  • Nice job Katie!!!

    I think doing character voices is the most fun. I was the voice for many years of Chuck Downfield in Humongous Entertainments "Backyard Football". It certainly brings out the kid in you.

  • Katie:

    An hour! Perfect!

    Here's to many more like that one.

    I did a silly dinosaur voice for an industrial hygience company....they want an "intelligent" sounding T Rex...ahhh "type cast" again!  NOT! It was a real paying job!

    For laughts, here's the clip:

    What do you think?

    Best wishes for a great day!


  • Mike:

    As I listen to the spot, I believe I did all the voices. I hear my sigh in the little girl and my giggle in the background. The commercial didn't take more than an hour. It was a phone patch, and I had know idea I would be singing. But I knew the dog's voice because I had created it originally. The guy on the other end of the phone was the song writer and he coached me through the singing. I am everyone, but the male voice, basically.

  • Dear Katie:

    Very cool!  Great job on both projects!

    How many different lines did you have to voice? How long did it take you to do "Rover's" comments?

    Way to go!



  • That's great - thanks for sharing! Inspiration!

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