Practice Fast Commercial Tags With Rodney Saulsberry

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Voice-Over Actor and Author Rodney Saulsberry demonstrates how to read fast legal tags for commercials and movie trailers.

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  • Thank you for the info !
  • wow you are the man!


  • Rodney!!!!  Love ya! Love ya! Love ya!

    Gotta gig doing news and weather at a local radio station.  This wonderful magical excercise and the way you presented it is proving to be quite helpful.  Thanks so much you peach of a pear of a plum of a guy.  With little golden nuggets like this from you, I can truly bank on my voice....Tyra Mason

  • Thanks Rodney....this beats "sally sells sea shells by the seashore".....real copy make the difference!
  • great practice. thx Rodney
  • Excellent Rodney!!   I can really use this to accelerate my vocals articulations!!!

    Peter piper piked a peck of,..........Darnit!!!!   :)


    I'll keep at it!!!

  • Dear Rodney: thank you for sharing your expertise! Great exercises!

    Excellent Video Rodney!  I will share with my students;-))

  • Rodney- They're great ..I'm going to try them often.
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