Oreck AirInstinct (TV Infomercial - 2 Minute Short Version)

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Scott Gentle voiced this infomercial for the new Oreck AirInstinct air purifier, which is currently airing on national TV in the US and viewable on Oreck's YouTube page.About Oreck (from www.oreck.com/About-Oreck):"The Oreck Corporation is an American business founded in 1963 by David Oreck. It began by manufacturing upright vacuum cleaners for the U.S. hotel industry and now sells vacuums used in hotels and homes throughout North and South America, as well as Europe and Asia.David Oreck started the company with the idea to design a lightweight yet powerful vacuum that hotel housekeepers would prefer over the heavy models available to them. The idea proved so successful that now over 50,000 hotels throughout the world use Oreck vacuums. After a short time, hotel staff wanted to buy the vacuum cleaners for their own use at home, which gave the Oreck Corporation the idea to sell its unique products to consumers.Oreck has a reputation for making the finest vacuums available. Its continued goal is to provide lightweight and easy-to-use cleaning products for every room in the house, each with exceptional durability."The company’s principal manufacturing facilities are based in Cookeville, TN."

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  • Gracias Scott.

  • Patricio:

    Lo haré, mi amigo!! ;)

  • Cuando quieran o necesiten una VOZ Sobria, grave , amable. Estoy a sus órdenes. mail patrciotorolavoz@gmail.com

  • Earl: Thanks man - and I can personally attest after a few years of 24/7/365 use around my place that multiple HEPA air cleaners are worth the extra $$ and definitely help on the allergy front. Check into 'em!

    Layla: Much appreciated, and great meeting ya at the NYC Holiday Mixer over the weekend!

  • Fantastic job!

  • That is great, sounds like it would help me stop sneezing. way to go Scott.

  • Dustin, Patricio, Thom, Eric, Bobby, Peter, Shawn, and Julie:

    Many thanks for the kind words! Did my best to make it sound friendly/accessible/not stereotypically infomercial-ly, and the direction by Gary, the video production manager at Oreck was of course key in tweaking it just the way they wanted it. Good folks and a fun project!

  • Nice delivery.  It really make you want to hear more.  

  • Great read, Scott! Looks like a great product, as well! You've got me interested;)




  • He sounds like he's talking to me and it's a very informative ad.

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