"One Shirt" Spoken by Larry Herring

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Larry Herring is new to the "Voiceover Universe," but you wouldn't know by his work in "One Shirt." I was really moved by the message. It reminds us of what is most important.

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  • Lovely. Thanks for sharing (and caring).
  • Wow, that is awesome, I have two comments, one is that it very encouraging to me as a newcomer to VO; great job larry and the other is there is awesome song I used to do as a sign singer called Love is spelled T I M E. Blessings to you Larry
  • I'm crying and thinking of my son in the Army and Grandson who knows his father is his best buddy, even when deployed.
  • oh wow... I am with you Laura, tears in my eyes.. Beautifully spoken! You know what they say.. what comes from the heart, touches the heart. Nice! Thank you for sharing that.
  • I'm teary-eyed. Seriously! Well done.
  • Very motivating. I think I will wrap up now and go down and play with my two boys.
  • Go 12 Stone!!
  • Time can not be bought, use it wisely!
    Inspiring message Larry, you have found your purpose.
  • Well done!
  • A pastor once said, "We have only about 18 summers to spend with our children. After that, the world becomes theirs and the time for us is fleeting." Enjoy while you can.
    Well done, Larry. Great emotion! Props to the copywriter and video editor as well!
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