"One Shirt" Spoken by Larry Herring

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Larry Herring is new to the "Voiceover Universe," but you wouldn't know by his work in "One Shirt." I was really moved by the message. It reminds us of what is most important.

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  • BRAVO!!!!!

    David Marc
  • When the vocal delivery, video, and music track are all wrapped around an important and well stated message,... the whole is so much greater than the sum of the parts. Job well done, Larry.
  • Wow, what a beautiful piece. Brought tears to my eyes. Nice work, Larry.
  • That's what it's all about, Larry. You nailed it.
  • Larry, That was a brilliant, moving performance.
  • What a great message. I plan to pass it on to the parents I know who have young children.The message is loud and clear. Thanks!
  • Wow Larry.......a very moving creation....well done.
  • Now THAT'S what our profession is all about! It's not the timbre of the voice, technique, tricks of the trade, or anything else that smacks of artifice. It's about communication! If you don't feel the message yourself, as you deliver it, how can you expect anyone else to feel it as they listen to you? Yes, the message was a beautiful thing. But Larry's delivery was inspired, brilliant, and just plain honest... real! The words didn't just pass through his brain before reaching his mouth... they came through his heart as well. Congratulations.
  • Love the message and love the read!
  • Hi Larry,

    Love the message! Thanks for sharing
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