Old Spice Voice Over

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This is my Old Spice Voice over. I added all the background effects and did the Voice Over. Let me know what you think. :-)

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  • LOL. Nice one Octavius. Sweet. Thanks for the compliment. A contest would be like part 2 of the Old spice guy versus Fabio (Say it with a whisper) Fabiooooo....
  • Thanks Carlos
  • I work at a college and announce the names of students as they walk across the stage at graduation. Last year, one student whispered in my ear, before walking across the stage, "you sound just like the Old Spice Guy." Well...its official Lyndon...you TRULY sound like the Old Spice Guy. Unless of course...you'd like to have a staring contest to see who really sounds like him. Starting...now! O_O *kidding* Great job! LOL!
  • Waooo...good for you Lyndon.
  • Thanks Gene. LOL
  • LOL! That was great stuff. Look out old spice guy!
  • Thanks Sonya. I love them too. :-) Right now he and Fabio are duking it out. Great Marketing Strategy of course by Old Spice
  • Lol this is so great! I love these commercials and you were spot on!
  • Thanks Larry, Thanks Phillip.
  • Way to go Lyndon...dead on.
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