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This is a promo I put together to showcase the character animation voice work I did for the series CJ the DJ, produced by Kapow Pictures.Hope you like it.

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  • Nice! Great work
  • Very cool! Great job
  • Fantastic!!!
  • Loved the credits at the end.  Really brings it home
  • Thanks for all your comments. Still getting to know this great site and forum.

    And appreciate the feedback. 

  • Michael Daingerfield's was fun to watch too!

    Find more videos like this on VU

  • Hey, Nick, great stuff. A good lesson to all VO NOT wait for work to come to gotta go get it. Thom Varhol Voiceovers.


  • What a blast - amazing work!
  • Great video Nick! Wonderful marketing!
  • love it! good job!


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