New Vocal Warmups With Rodney Saulsberry! Part 2

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  • Nice!
  • Great warmup exercises, Rodney! Thank you. I'll try again when the tongue splint comes off. Cheers.
  • Anybody seen my teeth! something shot out. I will add these classics to my repertoire....well, I'll try, but a hard act follow. There is always " Standing on the balcony, inimitably mimicking him hiccuping, and amicably welcoming him in."....need to lie down in a darkened room now. Thanks Rodney.
  • Who knew twisting one's tongue could be so much fun! Thanks Rodney.
  • holy crap... i need practice!
  • Hey the twister I wrote below is not bad . . . try it and let me know if you can get through it without error the first time through in one breath!!!
  • Tips and Tricks, Tests that Tingle, Tounge Twisting Teasers, Turn Trials to Times
    Worth, Watcing, Without Wondering, Wearing no Worries
    Loving, Life, Living, Lovely, Learning and Looking
    Forward to Finding, Friendly, Faces, From, France to Florida

    Thanks for the exercises, It's an honor to learn from the best!!!
  • Great warm ups Rodney! Thanks for sharing them with your community! You're very generous.
  • WOW .............. makes 'rubber baby buggy bumpers' child's play, not to mention -- what's Sally Seymore gonna do at the seashore now? ;o)
  • This is way too much fun... if you go to YouTube you can get BOTH Rodney's warm ups PLUS the scripts he's reading... both are now in my favorites. THANKS RODNEY
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