New Vocal Warmups With Rodney Saulsberry! Part 2

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  • I have always felt Rodney was a fast talker, not to mention a silver-tounged devil. This definitively proves it. If it comes from Rodney, it's GOT to be good. More great stuff from the King of Smooth. (Message to Rodney: cash this time, okay? I don't take checks anymore. Yer pal, Paul )
  • Is there a Doctor in the house?

    Great exercise!
  • What a fun way to get the lips and vocals moving quickly! I also noticed since you had the text on the screen, I felt I was really pushing myself to speed read! Thanks for the tips!
  • Awesome!
  • Ouch! I think I sprained my tongue! ;o) That was fun! Thanks Rodney!
  • Great... just when I learned to properly press the purple and black, pleated plaid pants I owned.

    PS Love in Your Heart is my favorite song from Better Than Before; bitter sweet melody and harmonies.
  • Dear Rodney;
    I'm an advanced voice actor but after doing your exercises, hyperventilated and nearly passed out & fell off my chair. Thanks for the great 'high' and the knowledge. Bless YOU!
    Chicago Sugano
  • I wish I had just recorded myself trying to do this....just so everyone could get a good laugh. Somehow I got better toward the end.
  • Hello Rod! my english is bad...I speak spanish (latin american- Venezuelan native), but I want to learn english conversational by record voice over in english too in the future. Sure, I Will learn with your lessons. Can you help me? je je. Are you have a training to spanish voice overs? Nice too me. Thank´s
    Hola Rodney! Aún no hablo english de manera fluida. Ahora solo hablo español, pero quiero aprender a hablar ingles para grabar tambien voice over en ingles en el futuro. Estoy seguro que voy a aprender con tus lecciones. Puede ayudarme ? Tienes algun entrenamiento para voice over en español? Mucho gusto en conocerte, gracias...
  • Great warmup exercise! You're a cunning linguist!
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