morning tongue twisters!

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Did my warmups right before an Avon spot. Couldn't get the word Avon tho, lol!!

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  • Good stuff for warm up! Here's another....
    Sarah Sarah sitting in the shoeshine shop. All day long she sits and shines, shines and sits, sits and shines, Sarah Sarah, sitting in the shoe shine shop.
  • Wow, cool Amanda! They all kicked me butt...great warm-up excercises, thank you so much for sharing! BTW, you have a wonderful voice!
    Thanks again,
  • Nice going Amanda, really enjoyed it. I'm going to have to work on the box of biscuits one though!
  • Lots of fun, Amanda! Good Luck with Avon...
  • Amanda couldn'ta said-em-all betta
  • Thanks for the support fellow artists! Here's the list in print:

    A proper copper coffee pot.

    Around the rugged rocks the ragged rascals ran.

    Long legged ladies last longer.

    Mixed biscuits, mixed biscuits.

    A box of biscuits, a box of mixed biscuits and a biscuit mixer!

    Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled pepper.
    Did Peter Piper pick a peck of pickled pepper?
    If Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled pepper,
    Where's the peck of pickled pepper Peter Piper picked?

    Pink lorry, yellow lorry.

    Red leather, yellow leather, red leather, yellow leather.

    She sells sea-shells on the sea-shore.

    Swan swam over the pond,
    Swim swan swim!
    Swan swam back again -
    Well swum swan!

    Three grey geese in green fields grazing.

    oh yes and like David said let us not forget...
    The sixth sick Sheik's sixth sheep is sick.
    [Has anyone mastered that one??] not me!!!
  • My 3 favorites are:
    Good Blood Bad Blood x3
    Toy Boat x3
    Unique New York x3
    Best wishes on the Avon Spot!
  • great !!
  • Hope the Avon spot went well! Please share once you finish it!
  • And let us not forget, "The sixth sick sheik's sixth sheep's sick!"
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