Microphone Techniques With Rodney Saulsberry

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Voice-Over actor and best selling author Rodney Saulsberry takes us through a series of microphone techniques in this short video clip. This presentation is an excerpt from his audio book, 'You Can Bank on Your Voice; Your Guide to a Successful Career in Voice-Overs.'

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  • For those who can't wrap their head around Rodney's excellent suggestion and are still having trouble (even with the goose-neck pop filter), might I suggest that you use the foam pop cap that you place directly on the mic like a beanie instead of, or in addition too the other one if you're a profound popper. I tend to get VERY animated and sometimes the off-axis angle doesn't work for me in CERTAIN situations, and I occasionally I just need both.
  • Good stuff! Makes me want to buy your book. I also use a sideways mic technique when I'm recording my own voice. I use a foam sock on my guest mic. I can't expect every (non-voice actor) client to know good mic technique, so this fool-proofs the recording session a bit.
  • Great video! Thank you sir.
  • Great info, Rodney. I like the mic slightly above my head tiltig down at my nose to avid the plosives. Thanks!
  • Rodney has been an inspiration to me for quite sometime now. His books should be required reading for all VO actors whether starting out, or just wanting to step up their game. He is a natural teacher and a great source of knowledge.
    BTW: If you haven't yet caught Rodney on USA's Monk, check it out.. He RAWKED!!!!!!!!
  • I love my pop screen but often I have to go to someone else's studio where there isn't any and get used to doing the "sideways situation"
  • Great stuff Rodney! Thanks for sharing. :)
  • Hey Rod,
    Working off mic has been a big help to me as you say. Also, I've learned to "Conduct" myself when reading a script. It helps me get into the character, especially when doing animation, or even an announcer's part etc. I think the one thing that's important to all of is, while remembering how to properly "Use" the mic is to "Self Direct". Thanks for the tip Rodney & Happy Holidays to all.
  • Thanks Rodney,

    Great information. Thanks for taking the time.
  • That was succinct and helpful. Thanks.
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