Microphone Techniques With Rodney Saulsberry

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Voice-Over actor and best selling author Rodney Saulsberry takes us through a series of microphone techniques in this short video clip. This presentation is an excerpt from his audio book, 'You Can Bank on Your Voice; Your Guide to a Successful Career in Voice-Overs.'

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  • Thanks Rodney, it is great advice and thanks for the tips. I agree with Bobby's comments below, everyone should check out Rodney's books Step Up to the Mic and You Can Bank On Your Voice. Great information for everyone.

    Thanks, Pat
  • Rodney,
    Great advice as always! Just wanted to let others know that if you liked the video, you should check out Rodney's books "Step Up to the Mic" and "You Can Bank on Your Voice"... they are staples in my VO library.

    Take care,
  • Great advice, thanks Rodney!
  • Thank You Rodney!!!!! My screen is annoying and distracting...and it still doesn't "catch" my plosives. (I admit I'm probably too close sometimes). I've been working my "to the side of the mic" technique..similarly to you..for the same reasons.

    WOW..thanks for sharing man!!!!!!!!! (((hugs)))...ilene
  • Thanks Rodney you are a big help and a generous man!
  • Hi Rodney!
    Thanks for sharing! Good information for a relative newcomer. I appreciate your help.
    Take care and have a great day!
  • This was the advice I was seeking...You are the man!!!
    Thanks so much,
  • Great stuff Rodney ... thank you very much.

    Ran Alan Ricard
    Voice Talent
    'Don't Just Get Voice Over ... Get Ran Over!'
  • Agree with the "off mic" approach. I use this in the radio broadcasting that I do and it's very effective in avoiding plosives. Thanks for the tips, Rodney.
  • Thanks, been having problems shouting for auditions....
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