Kurt Kelly on Eddy Kerkhofs Le Dôme Restaurant West Hollywood, California

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Kurt Kelly on Eddy Kerkhofs Le Dôme Restaurant West Hollywood, CaliforniaProduced, Written & DIrected by Michiel ThomasHost Voice Over by Kurt KellyNice restaurants dominate Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood. But for decades, the restaurant Le Dôme from Eddy Kerkhofs from Belgium, dominated the business in LA. At the beginning Eddys friends Rod Steward and Elton John helped him out with funding, but they also attracted the customers.Pretty soon, Le Dôme reached the top in Los Angeles, and Eddy experienced lots of unforgettable moments.Eddy was in charge of over more than 50 employees, and that took a lot of energy. After 27 years, the Belgian reached his limits.But sitting in a couch all day is nothing for Eddy, and two years later he opens a little restaurant Il Picollino. But over here, there is no pressure at all.Eddy also keeps in touch with other Belgians in LA. Thats why everybody calls him the Godfather of the Belgians.A little time ago, Eddy has a double passport Belgian American. That means he is able to vote for the first time. He thinks Obama is the right answer on the economic crisis (Americans are faced with today).

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