KRAFT Macaroni & Cheese Hires Ted Williams, Man With a Golden Voice

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Just a few days ago he was panhandling, but with the help of a YouTube clip that quickly went viral, Ted Williams' golden voice has landed him a job with KRAFT. Here's the finished commercial HEAR TED VOICE THE DR. PHIL PROMO

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  • Ted,


    Congratulations on making the BIG time!  I'm praying for your continued success with bigger and better things.  I LOVE to see hardworking people make it. 


    God Bless,




  • You can tell he is humbled and naturally high by this whole experience.  Being high on life is more powerful than any drug -  I look forward to following this story and pray for his continued success with the straight and narrow.

    Lynne Darlington

  • Ted, I am jealous. Continued well wishes and hope for you.
  • Ted,

    Congratulations and welcome.  I'm really happy for you.  Your story makes me proud.  There are a lot of us (other VO talent) rooting for you.  I'm one of them.


    Larry Davis

    Los Angeles

  • You Go TED!
  • SO happy for Ted!  This is just great.  :)
  • I've been captivated by this story since the start and I'm so excited for Ted to get another shot at a good life. Both his genuine kindness and sincere humbled nature are things we should all take notice of and try to implement.  Whether reading for a big account or not... we are all so very lucky to be in this business.  Go Ted, go!
  • Why didn't the engineer tell him to put the copy on the stand?

    I love this guy's humbleness and genuine love of the game.

    Although, having said just shows the general public how hard it is to "pretend to be real".

    Much easier when you're not in a booth with a crowd of people around you!

    Still won't make me eat Mac and Cheese though!! LOL.

    My kids love it though.  Kraft produce a win win!

  • Zurek,


    Thanks for posting my friend.  Ted:  Hang in there brutha and don't ever let go of your dreams....I believe you have one hect of a successful time ahead of you.  GOD bless you!


    Mike Patrick


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