Keaton's Korner: Home Studios, Quick and Dirty

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This video isn't about HOW to set up your studio; its purpose is to open your eyes to the possibilities of making any situation work. WORD.See the sister video to this one:'s the blog post I wrote on this: can find me here:http://morgankeaton.com773.234.KEAT(5328)Facebook:

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  • Now THAT is funny!!  AND good!  Great stuff and advice.  :)
  • Go Morgan, Go Morgan, Go Morgan. Yo, Morgan's in the hoooouuuuuuussssseeeee.
  • I've seen this video before and every time I am delighted with your creativity.  You should be 'seen' as well as 'heard.'  May I join the Morgan Keaton Fan Club?
  •`s so funny, now you give me some ideias, like, how to put my gears together. Thanks you save my life...
  • Go Morgan!!!!!   I do have a working situation with a Booth I built for about $50.00 and it has Wheeeeeeeeels!!!

    So I can move it near my computer when I want to record and then wheel it out when I'm done!  But I never thought of the "ROPE LIGHT" option!!  You are a Genius!!  Thanks!  This is sooooo Cool! - Peeeeeess!  Or is it Peace?   Yeah Peace!!

  • Thanks, Deborah! And Wayne, that is some dedication!! Glad you all like it. Happy Friday!
  • Clever video and she does get the job done!  Thanks for the Friday smile, Morgan. Thanks for sharing, Zurek.
  • OMG she is too too funny, but on point. I remember before I had everything set up. First I took a cardboard box lined it with a blanket installed it on my stage mic and put the bed mattress up behind me, second time I found a ladder inserted the stage mic inbetween it surrounded the ladder with blankets and a sleeping bag. I covered the ceramic tile floor with blankets, boy what a trip that was,but hey it got the job done. now, well its all taken care of.

    Thanks for sharing  the video

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