Keaton's Korner: Home Studios, Quick and Dirty

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This video isn't about HOW to set up your studio; its purpose is to open your eyes to the possibilities of making any situation work. WORD.See the sister video to this one:'s the blog post I wrote on this: can find me here:http://morgankeaton.com773.234.KEAT(5328)Facebook:

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  • High-Larious...
  • TOTALLY Made Up EXAMPLE!....Love it!
  • That was great!
  • Awesome!
  • Way cool.  Very funny.  Nice way to adapt and over come an obstacle.
  • LOL.  Oh my GAWD.  Very funny Morgan, loved it.  

    Signed:  Joe Cip-a-nano  :-)


  • ...oh yeah, sorry, pEAce out.

    ...just watched it again...oh I do love the mental people, tra-la-laaaa :-)
  • A-a-aalrightie...this chick is mental & I love it! My kinda gal.

    Sunday morning in London, pretty p*ssed off due to someone ruining my whOLe night last night (insert kicking and vile language here), & I tell ya, what great medicine this vid was... Thank ya Morgan Whatsit. You're funny & I like you :) (& Dan Lenard I send maximum thanks to for helping me when I was mentally crippled over home studio setup :) ) .
  • I love this!! It was too funny and I did the same thing. My closet is part balenkets, part acoustic foam and has my mic, script stand and a light attached to my stand. I was told by one of my clients that my spots are more quiet and noise free than some of his voicers with studios!!

    Thanks Morgan!!

  • That was Fing funny and useful all at the same time! LOVED IT!!!
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