Joey Pepin Video Promo Demo

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Joey Pepin Video Promo Demo

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  • AWESOME!!!!   Love it!
  • Thanks for all the kind words my friends!
  • Makes me want to get out to a game!  Good stuff..
  • Great job as usual Joey! Your rockin!
  • I enjoy a great marketing tape as much as the next talent! You are an inspiration-my video producer and I are getting busy TODAY!!! Thank you Joey!
  • Great job Joey!
  • Joey, great work. I never let the camera get that close to me!! Nice to be young and wrinkle-free. I'm gonna turn my hat around for my next VO....Thom Varhol
  • Always great to see a pro in action. Thanks Joey. ;)
  • Very well done Mr Pepin. Very well done.
  • Suh-weeet! Miss you on the VO circles, dude.......looks like you're doing well! Good stuff.....
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