Joe Cipriano Network Promo Demo

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Joe Cipriano is the voice of Broadcast and Cable Networks, Syndication Shows, Game Shows and TV's biggest Live Events. This demo showcases his Promo work.

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  • lookin' and soundin' great Joe!


  • Hi Joe!


    Fantastic VIDEO demo!  It's ideas like these that keep you on top.

  • haha...thanks everyone.  One comment I wanted to pick up on...George mentioned the "versatility"  That is one of the most important things I look at when putting together an audio demo or in this case a video demo.  


    First of all you have to stay true to the this case it's a "promo" demo.  So, everything in the demo is promo and promo only.  Sometimes we are tempted to add something else because "it's just a good read that you love" and even though it's from a commercial or even from a theatrical trailer you consider throwing it in there. Don't do it, keep it true to the genre.  Someone casting for a promo voice doesn't want to hear you doing a commercial...or a narration...or even a trailer.  They are listening for a voice do do their PROMOS.  Don't make them think their wasting their time.


    Now, versatility.  When I'm planning out the flow of a new demo I look at making it as diverse as possible. I look for reads that are uptempo broad-comedy, drama, dramedy, BIG voice, light voice, soft voice...I want to show as many various styles as I possibly can within the genre (promo).  Once I have all of those elements, I then look at the order of placement within the demo.  I believe the first 15 seconds of your demo is the most important.  This video demo is a little different because I'm relying on the "video" to hook the listener in and make them stay a little longer.  On a purely audio demo those first 15 ticks are so important.  I try to get in at least three variables within the that time period...a comedy uptempo, maybe a drama read and perhaps a soft read.  If I only get them for 15 seconds I want them to at least know that I can do a few different reads and that I can do them well.  So, I put my best stuff up front in audio demos.  Anything after 15 seconds is bonus in my mind...if I can keep them listening for a minute that's a real win!


    So, there ya go.  Hope that helps/inspires.  Joe

  • Joe I don't know you but I see that you're very expressive... you're a shoe-in for Dancing on Ice!


  • ..youi're on the oncology ward, everyone's got cancer...! whooa hot, I never knew our Mr Laurie was such a charmer!!
  • Awesome Demo..... what versatility in delivery!

  • I am not worthy to let my eyes see this video, nor to have my ears hear the audio.
  • Looooookin & soundin gooooood!  Thanks for sharing it with us Joe.

  • An example of that old cliche you just have to be in the right place at the right time to get a nice gig.
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