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Jodi Krangle's Video Voice Demo

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  • Jodi, I emailed you. Did you get it? I love your Commercial demo! Send me a copy of it!
  • Hi Darla. Thanks for checking it out! In general, demos should be specific to the type of work you're going after - so only commercial copy in a commercial demo, only narration copy in a narration demo, etc... (you probably already know this) But yeah - a video like this is just a hodgepodge of everything and it was fun. ;)
  • that was great. i need something like that, but...i am just starting out and haven't developed my "basic" voice yet. Maybe someday i will try for the type of variety that was presented here.
  • Interesting idea!
  • Thanks, L.A.! :)
  • Great demo, Jodi. All the best from VA & keep it up! ;)
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