ISDN Session January 2010

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CBS Promo Session with Joe Cipriano

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  • Hey, Joe - what a great resouce to share, thanks! question: are you looking at video, or a script on computer monitor?
  • Thanks for allowing us to observe your ISDN session - it was fun to watch. I like that Tornoto station too - Supertramp and all!
  • If I were to kill my stage name of JC Haze, and revert back to my birth name-Joe you think they'd mistake me for you? Hmmm....something to ponder.
    Happy New Year Joe, you're my VO hero.
  • Joe,

    You truly "execute" professionalism in all your reads..
  • Joe Cipriano is a true broadcast success story. I met Joe when he was at WKYS/DC during the Disco Stereo days. He and Stoney Richards went to L-A in the early 80s (I worked with Stoney at KIX) in the early 80s to work at KKDJ, which later became KIIS-FM. His story is absolutely true and, except for the voice of every network in creation part--has happened to all of us at one time or another. Joe was very nice to me way back in the day and that was always appreciated. Interesting, Joe--that you use the voice screens on the 416--which is what I do because the foam just closes things down too much. It's a very different mic when you let it breathe. I don't do much VO work; I do morning news for little stations, but every station I've ever done has asked what I use on the air. 416 and about 1 db of gain reduction; that's it. Hope you have the best year ever! sean hall
  • Very educational. Thanks, Joe!
  • I could watch this all day long! Nice work Joe..
  • This is brill to watch, I love this behind the scene thing! I could watch this kind of thing all day, I too like the production on their music promo, go torono!! love jo work and this VO site.

    You know that feeling in your stomach when your about to go live on your first ever radio show? This is how this industry makes me feel.
  • Oh and to answer the question "what are you looking at." I'm looking at the script which is up on one of my Apple cinema displays. They email PDFs of the script to me. We don't get to see video when we are on ISDN. When we go into the network and read in their booth, you DO get to see the video.

  • Hey Joe, thanks for the plug :)
    Happy New Year, 2010 getting off to a good start? Things are picking up 'round here, thank goodness!
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