ISDN Session January 2010

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CBS Promo Session with Joe Cipriano

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  • I really enjoyed watching you "work". You made it look like fun and it was evident you enjoyed it. It's great when you can really enjoy what you do.
  • Awesome! Love watching you work, your smile really comes across in the read Joe. One of the best bits of advice I got was (given the right context of course!) to smile when reading. I've found that this really brings life and joy to the read and makes the world of difference.

    Good stuff!
  • Joe,

    Miller Beer called - they asked that you not sing their jingle....or anything...ever. ;)

    Best always,
    - Peter
  • "C'mon,'s just a spot and a tag... :)
  • Hey answer a few questions. Zurek is right, it's an Avalon M5 mic pre-amp and the mic that I'm currently using is the Sennheiser 416. I go back and forth between the Neuman U87 and that...for some reason, I'm diggin' the 416 lately. Yes, I'm in my booth in the ClubHouse...booth designed by George Whittam. There are a bunch of before and after pics around. Also pictures on his website:

    No, I never use the LA4 in a promo session. Most networks and studios want the voice completely clean, no EQ and no compression.

  • Thanks much for sharing.
  • Thanks for sharing Joe. Looking good. Promo's sound great! Keep on keeping on. Stay in touch.
  • great stuff!! always fun to watch a Pro in action!! btw..r u in a booth?


  • Great job. Great fun and you make it look so easy. No wonder everyone wants to do it.
  • Joe,
    Two and a Half Men will be much more memorable now that we can visualize the "One Man" behind the mic. Great video session as always. Do you ever patch-in the LA4A for promos, or just use the M5 straight to the Zephyr?

    Thanks for sharing!
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