Indiana Live Casino ADR

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listen closely to the on-camera actress' voice :)I've never done a job like this before, but apparently it's called ADR, Automated Dialogue replacement, they hire a voice pro (me) and re-record the line, lip-synching it best as possible. The reason is usually because the producer is happy with that talent's particular on-camera take but the vocal delivery leaves a little to be desired.

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  • Good stuff! It must be strange hearing your voice come out of someone else's mouth. Different from a cartoon, I'd guess.
  • Hi Trish,
    Nice to make your aquaintance!

    best regards
  • OH yeah... we're working this editing technique into our animations more and more every day...
    We're almost ready to take them into demosville... but right now... I decided to take it to end users (clients) and have them foot the bill ofr our study... the end result is they get a better than "normal" product at cost savings and we actually battle test the work! getting paid ain't so bad either...
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