Impressions Vol. III

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From Joker to Popeye and even Steve-O! Filmed this one back in Nov. (*cough* slacker *cough*) but its finally finished. Me and a couple of friends have also been working hard on our fan-made Family Guy episode.Its a work in progress but we do have 12 mins uploaded so at back for more and thanks for watching!1. The Joker- The Dark Knight2. Pee Wee Herman3. Sean Connery4. Mitch Hedberg5. Jay-Z6. Snoop Dogg7. Gay Robot8. Cowardly Lion- Wizard Of Oz9. Mickey Mouse10. Popeye11. Marvin The Martin- Looney Tunes12. Barney Rubble- The Flinstones13. Skeletor- HeMan14. Duffman- The Simpsons15. Ren- Ren & Stimpy16. Herbert- Family Guy17. Captain Hero- Drawn Together18. Kevin & Tim Tom- The Venture Bros.19. Sgt. Hatred- The Venture Bros.20. Dr. Rockso- Metalocalypse21. Pickes- Metalocalypse22. Dave Mustaine- Megadeth23. Ozzy Osbourne- Black Sabbath24. Steve-O- Jackass

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  • Aaron !!!!!!

    That was Brilliant !!!!!!!
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